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    Lothian Electric are skilled and experienced in a number of areas.

    Below are services we confidently offer to new and existing clients.


    Predominantly required in tall buildings, such as churches and sports halls. Internal floodlighting can be used for providing general illumination where conventional light sources do not have sufficient punch to project light onto the working plane.


    External Floodlighting is an art, and when correctly designed, can transform the facade of architecturally pleasing structures.


    Sports floodlighting requires considerable thought at the design stages. There are type cast methods for illuminating various courts, pitches rinks, etc., however, these are not always suitable due to local conditions or budget restraints.


    Display lighting can make or break any retail business. It is fundamentally important to attract the eye of the customer to the product, or it will remain unsold.

    Work Place

    Each work place deserves tailored lighting to suit it’s own application. Offices in general require a low glare even light distribution of between 300 and 500 lux, dependant on the intricacy of the task.

    GOBO Image Projection

    A relatively new concept to the lighting industry, Gobos are a useful marketing tool, projecting an image onto a building or pavement, much like an old slide projector, providing new and innovative advertising space.

    Bar & Club

    Driven by market pressures, manufacturers have become considerably more innovative in the design of venue lighting equipment.


    We design and install emergency lighting installations in accordance with B.S. 5266., and test in accordance with the statutory requirements.


    There are very few people who can relax with overhead lighting, yet the house builders mysteriously keep putting them in. In certain circumstances a pendant ceiling fitting may be required to set the room off, but this is merely a decoration.


    Illuminating the salient vertical features of a garden gives a lot of visual interest. Picking out a tree towards the boundary gives depth.

    Power Distribution

    Power distribution is the backbone of any electrical installation, and if properly designed, will provide a solid platform able to cope with the ever changing, and growing needs of the consumer.

    Network Cabling

    Structured data cabling is continually evolving as the demands for faster data transfer increase.

    Fire Alarms

    We design and install fire alarm installations in accordance with B.S. 5939, and test in accordance with the statutory requirements.

    Testing + Commissioning

    We carry out regular electrical testing and commissioning on behalf of many clients, for public license approval, on an annual basis.


    Routine maintenance, comprising fan servicing, lamp replacement, extra points etc. is a large part of our business, over the majority of our client base.

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